How to Repair a Refrigerator Electrical Cord


An electrical cord for a refrigerator is a heavy-duty cable with a three-prong socket, two electrical prongs, and a ground prong. Additionally, the cord has a ground prong. Even if new cables are readily accessible, it is possible that in the majority of instances it will be more time and money efficient to just repair the portion of the cord that has been damaged in some manner. Anyone who has expertise with do-it-yourself projects and has standard home workshop tools may do this repair.

  1. Remove the plug from the socket where the refrigerator is plugged in.

  2. Check the cable for any areas that seem to have been damaged in any way, such as by cracking, tearing, or breaking. Using a wire cutter, sever the cable just here, at this precise location.

  3. Unscrew the screws that are holding a new plug in place. Check that the plug has three prongs and is rated for the appropriate amount of amperage for the refrigerator. Make sure the plug is rated at 20 amps since the vast majority of domestic refrigerators are designed to work when hooked into a circuit that can handle 20 amperes.

    To connect the plug to the wire, slide the prongs on the plug over the wire.

  4. According to the instructions provided by Fix It Club, the wires should be stripped back using a wire stripper such that a half inch of bare wire is exposed on each of the three lines.

  5. Connect the wires to the appropriate prongs on the plug. According to This Old House, the ground wire should be connected to the green screw located in the plug. The screw made of silver is used to connect the neutral wire, which will have lettering or some form of protrusion on the plastic wire sheath. The screw made of brass is used to attach the hot wire, which will have a smooth plastic wire sheath. Make sure that these connections are completely secure by using a screwdriver.

  6. Put the wires back on the top of the plug and then reattach the bottom end of the plug to the top. Make sure the holding screws are properly tightened down.

  7. In the event that the repaired cable is not long enough to reach the original socket, you should use an appliance extension cord instead. These may be found at places that specialise in hardware.

    Things You Will Need

    • Wire cutter

    • Wire stripper

    • New plug

    • Screwdriver

    • Appliance replacement extension cord