How to Replace the Wheel End Cap on a Hand Truck


A screwdriver with a flat head!!-!!!!-!! Pliers


a piece of solid wood

When carrying big boxes or other goods, hand trucks may be an extremely helpful tool. These days, the majority of hand trucks are equipped with pneumatic wheels rather than solid rubber wheels. These wheels need to be replaced rather often. A wheel end cap is attached to the end of each axle so that the end of the axle may be protected and so that it can also cover the retention ring or clip that is used to fasten the wheel. These end caps are often fabricated from plastic, which means they are prone to developing cracks or breaking. In order to replace the wheel end cap on a hand truck, you will need to get a replacement that is identical.

Check to see whether there is a notch between the face of the wheel and the outside of the end cap first. If there is one, you will need to use it. Wheel end caps may be attached or removed from the end of the axle with a simple snap. To remove the end cap from the wheel and axle, first insert a flat-head screwdriver into the notch, and then pry it off.

  1. If you cannot locate a notch on the end cap, or if the cap is of the button kind, you will need to use pliers to grasp the sides of the end cap. While you are moving the end cap away from the axle, use the pliers to give it a twist that goes from left to right.

  2. Bring the end cap to a store that rents out tools or to a dealer who is authorised to sell your brand of hand truck. This guarantees that any replacements you buy are compatible with the item in question.

  3. Place the new end cap so that it is centred over the axle and the middle of the wheel. After sliding the end cap over the axle, adjust its position so that it clicks into place. If more force is needed, a piece of cardboard or a piece of wood may be pressed up against the end cap to provide the necessary support. The end cap may then be snapped into place with a hammer, which should be used with a light touch.

  4. It is possible that you may need to make an order with the manufacturer for a new set of end caps. Stickers containing the toll-free telephone number of the manufacturer and the model number of your hand truck are often affixed to one of the side rails of hand trucks. These stickers are found on the majority of hand trucks.


    You might have to order a replacement set of end caps directly from the manufacturer. Most hand trucks have a sticker on one of the side rails with the toll free telephone number of the manufacture as well as the model number of your hand truck.