How to Safely Clean an Aloha Tower Fan


Hair dryer

Use a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment.


Extension cord (optional)

The Aloha Breeze Tower Fan may collect dirt and dust over extended periods of usage or storage, depending on which comes first. The fan draws air through it and then blows the particles throughout the house, which results in the house being filled with dust rather than fresh air. It is possible to thoroughly clean the Aloha Breeze Tower Fan without having to disassemble it. It is not necessary to employ harmful chemicals; rather, basic home equipment and water will do the task.

  1. Make sure the Aloha Tower Fan is turned off and unplugged. Take it outdoors to a clear, level location and set it down there.

  2. Plug in the blow dryer or vacuum cleaner so they are within close proximity to the fan. If required, make use of an extension cable.

  3. Place the nozzle of the hair dryer in the direction of the airflow and switch to the cold setting. Make use of the airflow to remove all of the dust that is stuck in the spaces between the grates.

  4. If dust is still visible on the outside of the Tower Fan’s grates, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean them.

  5. After saturating a cloth with water, wring it out to remove excess moisture. Clean the control panel, the base of the fan, and any other locations that are unclean. Give it anywhere from five to ten minutes to dry in the air.