How to Set a Vigoro Two Zone Water Timer


Water faucet


The Vigoro 2 Zone Water Timer is designed to attach to a single water faucet, but it gives customers the ability to connect two distinct hoses to it so that they may water two distinct zones at separate times. It is helpful if you do not already have sprinklers installed or if you do not have a large number of outside faucets available to you. The Vigoro 2 Zone Water Timer is powered by batteries, and moreover, there is a backup source that can be installed. (For the full citation, see Reference 1)

  1. Put the batteries inside of the battery compartment of the Vigoro 2 Zone Water Timer. To begin setting the start time for your water timer, press the black button that is located above the words “Zone 1” and “Zone 2.” Your start time will be set to the moment you put the batteries in the device. Each time you hit one of the buttons, an additional hour will be added to the beginning time. You may set the start time for your water timer by adding the hours that you desire by repeatedly pressing the buttons. Every day, at this moment, it will be exactly the same. (For the second reference, see

  2. To select the watering time and the frequency of the irrigation, press the numbers that appear in the wheels that are located beneath “Zone 1” and “Zone 2.” Every number shown under the watering frequency section corresponds to one hour out of 24. The numbers on the watering duration wheel represent the number of minutes, ranging from one to sixty. Choose the length and frequency that you desire for each of these zones using the drop-down menus. (For the second reference, see

  3. You may use the outdoor faucet you wish to use by screwing the Vigoro 2 Zone Water Timer onto it. Connect two hoses to the hose faucets on the Vigoro 2-Zone Water Timer by using the appropriate screws. (For the second reference, see !!-!! Make sure to position the hoses in the appropriate part of your yard. The water faucet should be turned on approximately halfway. (For the second reference, see

  4. Place the hoses in the proper area of your yard. Turn the water faucet on about half way. (See Reference 2)