How to Set Stone Into Concrete



Metal or wooden stakes



Stones!!-!!!!-!!!!-!! Cement


2 buckets

Old rag

Grout bag

!!-!! The water hose!!-!! The dreaded scissors!!-!! Setting stones into concrete may give a simple concrete patio a fresh touch. In comparison to standard concrete, a patio area that has been set with stones has a lower potential for becoming hazardous when it is wet. This is a significant advantage. Remember that completing this project will require roughly a week of your time. It is possible that having the help of a close friend or member of the family will make things simpler.

Water hose


Setting stones into concrete can give a plain concrete patio a new look. An added plus to a stone-laid patio area is that the stones are less likely to be slippery when wet, as opposed to regular concrete. Keep in mind that this project will take almost a week. Having the assistance of a friend or family member can certainly make it easier.