How to Turn on an InSinkErator


Rubber gloves, optional

Removable drain protector


The sink should be filled with warm water, then a quarter cup of baking soda should be added. To clean the blades of the InSinkErator, turn on the machine and pour water and baking soda through it while it is running.

To eliminate smells coming from the drain, place wedges of citrus fruit in an InSinkErator and put the machine on.

To remove a drain that is clogged with food particles, you may activate an InSinkErator by turning it on. The blades of an InSinkErator work in a similar manner to those of a blender, spinning rapidly in a circular pattern. Food detritus is reduced to little pieces by the sharp blades, which are then capable of being flushed down the drain. The drain will function properly and there will be less wear and tear on the blades if correct preparation and technique are used. Invest in a strong disposal unit from InSinkErator to prevent unwanted obstructions caused by food scraps and other garbage.

  1. If you wish to prevent yourself from coming into close touch with the food waste, put on some rubber gloves and cover your hands. Sort through the wreckage and remove anything that is too tough to cut through with ease with a knife. In the InSinkErator, even relatively small bones and shells will be ground up into powder, although this might dull the blades.

  2. Put the food scraps down the drain and continue to do so until you are able to plug the hole with a drain guard that can be removed. Adjust the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet so that it runs slowly but consistently down the drain.

  3. On the wall just above the sink is where you will find the power switch for the InSinkErator. Some of the power switches for the disposal are grouped along with other switches that control one or more lights.

  4. To start the InSinkErator, turn the power switch to the “On” position. Listen as the device clears out the food detritus by chopping it into smaller and smaller pieces until it finally emits a buzzing sound. To turn off the garbage disposal, just flip the switch once more.