How to Unlock a Maytag Microwave


Maytag is responsible for the production of a wide selection of microwave ovens, including built-in, over-the-range, and counter-top variants. The presence of a kid lock is a feature that can be found on each and every Maytag microwave. Because the buttons on the control panel won’t work when they’re pushed because of the child lock feature, a youngster won’t be able to switch on the microwave by mistake. When you are ready to continue cooking with your microwave, you just need to switch off the kid lock, which will allow you to access the control panel of the microwave again.

  1. On the control panel of the microwave, you should look for a button labelled “Enter/Start.”

  2. Maintaining pressure on the “Enter/Start” button is required.

  3. After three seconds, you’ll need to let go of the “Enter/Start” button in order to unlock the control panel.