Is Mistletoe a Plant, Shrub or Fungus?


A couch table is a practical piece of furniture for a living room or family room since it can serve several purposes, such as a display for your favourite memorabilia and accessories and as a convenient place to put a drink while watching the big game. Sofa tables are typically long and thin, and they are positioned along the back of a couch the majority of the time. Although they are not available in regular sizes, they are typically at least 4 feet long and have a height that is comparable to the back of the couch. The nice part about making your own is that it can be altered to fit your couch as well as the things you want to put on it.


The height and breadth of your couch, in addition to its location in the space, will decide the size of the sofa table. According to, an aesthetically pleasing table is one that is about 12 inches shorter in length than the couch. When positioned against the same wall as the couch, a sofa table that is taller than the sofa is the most functional arrangement. When both the couch and the table are going to be in the centre of the room, it’s a good idea to have the table be about six inches shorter than the sofa.

Mistle Toe Plant Identification

Maintain the sofa table’s compact profile. A decent rule of thumb is to maintain a table with a width that is less than 15 inches. If the couch table is being constructed so that it can hold a certain item, such as a lamp, that will be put on top of it, then the dimensions of the table should reflect this.

Behind a couch that is either in the centre of the room or against the wall, a sofa table that has strong sides positioned on either end of the table’s length is an attractive and functional choice. You should invest in primed medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a thickness of one inch and have it cut to the dimensions you choose for the tabletop and the two sides. It is important to keep in mind that the length of your table’s sides will be the same as the breadth, but they should be trimmed to the appropriate height of the table.

Mistletoe Life Cycle

If more support is required, an additional piece of primed MDF may be positioned below the table’s centre. This might be one-half of the width of the table, but it should be the same height as the table sides. The hardware that was used to put together the sofa table may be concealed by an apron that is placed directly beneath the surface. In order to put together the couch table, you will also want screws, L-brackets, and a power drill. The MDF parts will be connected using the screws. You will need MDF filler, sandpaper with a variety of grits, paint, and painting tools in order to successfully complete your project.

To prevent the primed MDF from being chipped or marked in any way, set the tabletop down on a carpeted floor or a drop cloth. The table’s legs may be attached to either end of the tabletop, two inches in from the edge of the surface. After making the necessary measurements and markings with a pencil on the tabletop to indicate the locations of the L-brackets, you should next use screws that are proportional to the width of the MDF that you have chosen to use. Check that the connection is encrypted properly.

Damage Caused by Mistletoe

According to The Spruce, MDF glue should be applied throughout the length of the sides where the connection was established. This should be done in a zigzag pattern. Before moving on to the following step, be sure the adhesive has had the time to thoroughly cure. Attach an apron by screwing into the inside of each side, about one inch away from the edge of the tabletop. This is how you do it if you’re adding one. After that, apply glue around the margins of the connection that was just established, and then wait for it to cure.

Apply filler to all of the exposed places where you used screws, and after the filler has dried, sand it down until it is flat. After that, give the whole couch table a little sanding all over. Now is an excellent time to smooth rough edges or round them off with sandpaper. When you are through sanding, wipe off your sofa table with a moist towel, and make sure the area where you are working is clear of dust. You may start painting your couch table at this point. You will not need the use of a paint primer since the table was manufactured out of MDF that was already primed. Utilize a sponge brush to get a smooth finish while painting.

Mistletoe Control Measures

The only effective control for a mistletoe parasite is to completely remove it from its host tree. Pruning affected branches as soon as you notice mistletoe growth is critical to preventing the plant from being able to produce flowers and seeds. Because haustoria grow deep within branches, pruning cuts need to be at least 12 inches toward the tree from mistletoe’s point of attachment on the outside of branches.

If mistletoe is growing less than 12 inches from a primary branch or the tree trunk, cut the branch flush with the trunk and wrap the pruning wound in black plastic. Mistletoe cannot grow in darkness, so the plastic will not only suppress future growth but will also kill embedded haustoria.