What Are Some Reasons for Replacing the Wax Ring on a Toilet?


The wax ring in a toilet system creates a seal that is gentle and flexible between some of the more rigid components of the system. Porcelain is the usual material used to construct toilets. The wax ring may be fitted around the drainpipe exit hole at the bottom of the fixture, and it will then rest on the flange that is located on top of the drainpipe. In modern construction, a flange will often be built of polyvinyl plastic; but, in earlier houses, it can be cast iron. The bathroom may experience a variety of problems as a result of a broken wax ring.


The wax ring around the toilet bowl forms an airtight barrier, which prevents sewage gases from entering your living area and making you sick. A common component of sewer gases is hydrogen sulphide gas, which emits an offensive odour that is comparable to that of rotten eggs. These gases, in addition to having an offensive odour, may also be hazardous to your health. If these smells are permeating your house, the harm caused by wax rings is probably to blame. Wax rings may deteriorate or harden over time, or they may break for other causes and need replacement. In any of these cases, the ring must be replaced.


Wax rings not only prevent leaks but also create a watertight seal, which ensures that water and waste from the toilet go straight down the drain. If water gathers or pools around the base of the toilet, the wax ring may have failed. Other toilet difficulties can generate water puddles, such as fog on the tank or a faulty junction where the cold-water line joins the tank. Check them out before you remove the toilet off to replace the wax ring, since it’s possible that it’s still in good shape. It is important to remedy any leaks as soon as possible since they might cause the floor or the subfloor to decay. If you have access to a crawlspace or basement, you should look at the flooring from the lower level.


If the toilet rocks back and forth to the point that it lifts even a fraction of one side off the floor, the flange it rests on is most likely damaged. It is necessary to either replace the flange or have it fixed, which necessitates also changing the wax ring. Even if the flange is in excellent form, it is quite likely that the integrity of the wax ring has already been damaged if the toilet is shaky. This is the case even if the flange is in good repair. The wax ring might crack under the pressure of continuous movement, no matter how minor, if the closet bolts, which are the screws that connect the toilet to the flange, become loose over time or were never tightened correctly.

Moving the Toilet

In the event that you want to either temporarily remove or entirely swap out your toilet, you should also replace the wax ring. The process of raising the toilet or even just slightly adjusting it might cause the old ring to break apart and fall apart. When you are changing the wax ring, it is imperative that you completely remove the previous ring. With the assistance of a putty knife, it can be removed in chunks most of the time. The old wax must be removed before installing the replacement ring, since it must fit flush against the porcelain base of the toilet and connect itself straight to the flange.