What Is a Declarations Page for Homeowner’s Insurance ?


Homeowners may expect to get an updated declarations page from their insurance provider at the beginning of each new policy term. Information regarding insurance coverage is presented in a concise and easy-to-read format in this document. The document includes details such as the named insureds on the policy, information regarding lienholders, the location of the property, the annual premium, and the name and address of the insurance agency that issued the policy.


On the declarations page of a homeowner’s insurance policy, key pieces of information are included, including the named insured, lienholder, information about the insurance provider, and the annual premium.

Look for It Annually

Homeowners who have an active policy get an annual homeowner declarations page in the mail. This document gives an overall summary of the coverage provided by the policy as well as any supplementary endorsements. It is imperative that homeowners make the effort to read these materials and get completely familiar with the laws and procedures that will have an impact on them over the course of the next year. Before you put it away in the file cabinet, it is a good idea to look it over and make sure it is the same as your current declarations page. This will allow you to enquire about any discrepancies in coverage well in advance of the time when you will need to make a claim.

Identify Your Coverage

A declarations page for a homeowner’s insurance policy will detail the coverages, limitations, and deductibles for the policy. Included in this are protections for the residence, personal property, detached constructions, personal responsibility, medical expenditures, and a reward for loss of use. This disclosure need to contain the whole gamut of advantages enjoyed by the homeowner throughout the course of the next calendar year. If certain products are not specified in this document, then they typically are not made available to the homeowner for that particular year.

Understand the Implications

The annual submission of a copy of the homeowner’s declaration page is a requirement imposed by mortgage firms in order to verify that the borrower continues to keep the property adequately insured. In the event that the borrower fails to give the mortgage company with evidence that the residence is insured, the lender may do it on their own, which will result in increased costs for the borrower. Insurance companies will do this for you automatically once a year as long as they have the right lienholder’s name and address on file with them.

Consider Other Factors

It is advised that a declarations page be examined in order to check premium concessions. Premium concessions include discounts for being claim-free, having several policies, being over the age of 55, and having security or protective systems installed in the house. A comparison with the declarations page from the previous year helps to guarantee that the shipping company will not mistakenly forego any price reductions.

Heed Additional Warnings

The declarations page does not provide any information on coverage particulars or exclusions. Policyholders may find this information in the accompanying policy agreement, which also includes the things that are not covered by the carrier and the risks that are covered under the policy. It is crucial to spend some time reading the accompanying contract in its entirety since there may be certain exclusions that, over the course of time, prove to be extremely significant for homeowners.