Paradox Live The Animation Episode 3 Release Date : Spoilers, Streaming, Recap, Schedule Where To Watch?



Excitement is building as we get closer to Episode 3 of Paradox Live The Animation. This awesome anime series is all about the power of music and the spirit of the new generation. Created by PINE JAM Studios, it’s a big hit on Animax and Tokyo MX, and fans are loving it.

Episode 3 Release Date Get ready, folks! Episode 3 is set to come out on October 17, 2023. That’s the next Tuesday after the second episode that was shown on October 10. Fans are eagerly counting down the days to see what happens next in this fantastic series.


Highlights of Episode 3

Episode 3 promises some intense and captivating moments. The big event is the Phantom Live challenge. This is where the four rap groups on the show will go head-to-head in a big competition. Each group is giving it their all, but they also face their own challenges. The Cat’s Whiskers are dealing with their personal histories, and the BAE singers are trying to discover their unique talents. Akanyatsura and Yatonokami have their own struggles to face. It’s all building up to an epic showdown between these amazing groups.


Recapping Episode 2

In Episode 2, we saw some intense rivalry between the four rap teams: Cat’s Whiskers, BAE, Akanyatsura, and Yatonokami. They’re all working super hard to outdo each other and win. The episode also showed off some cool special effects with the Phantom Metal. These teams are getting ready for some tough competition, and BAE even got a tempting offer from another group, adding even more excitement to the series.

The World of Paradox Live The Animation This show is all about music, and it gives us a glimpse of a future where different music styles are super important. Hip-hop is a big deal here, and it’s evolved over the years. The setting is futuristic, and it has something called “ghost live,” where virtual metals create amazing visual effects. But not everyone can handle the strong emotions these ghost metals bring.

The heart of the story is the four rap groups: Cat’s Whiskers, BAE, Akanyatsura, and Yatonokami. They show off their talents at the PARADOX club, but they also have to deal with a tough rival group called Buraikan. The grand prize, offered by PARADOX, is a whopping 10 billion yen, making the competition super intense.


How to Watch Episode 3

For fans eagerly waiting for Episode 3, you can catch it on Crunchyroll. It’s the main platform for watching all the action. If you’re in Japan, you can tune in to Tokyo MX every week to see what’s happening in this exciting series.


In Conclusion

Paradox Live The Animation has won the hearts of viewers worldwide with its unique focus on music and its futuristic world. Episode 3 is going to be a real treat with the Phantom Live challenge and the fierce competition among rap groups. This series is all about the evolution of hip-hop and its big impact on society. So, get ready to watch on Crunchyroll and enjoy the music and the competition.



  1. When will Episode 3 be available? Episode 3 of Paradox Live The Animation is set to premiere on October 17, 2023.
  2. Who are the participants in the Phantom Live challenge among rap groups? The four rap groups vying for supremacy in the Phantom Live challenge are Cat’s Whiskers, BAE, Akanyatsura, and Yatonokami.
  3. What platforms offer Paradox Live The Animation for fans to enjoy? Fans can catch Paradox Live The Animation on both Crunchyroll and Tokyo MX.


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