Evillive Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date : Spoilers, Streaming, Recap, Schedule & Where To Watch?



Are you excited for the debut of Evillive Season 1 Episode 1? Well, we’ve got all the information you need to know. On October 14, 2023, this thrilling South Korean TV series is set to premiere. Fans can’t wait to find out the release time, the cast, and more. Let’s dive into the world of Evillive Season 1 Episode 1!


About Evillive

Evillive is a TV series from South Korea that has become very popular. People love it so much that they made a whole new season. Season 1 has already started, and fans are loving the story. They can’t wait for Evillive Season 1 Episode 1.


Key Details about Evillive Season 1 Episode 1

  • Name: Evillive
  • Directed by: Kim Jung-min and Kim Seong-min
  • Written by: Seo-hee and Lee Seung-hoon
  • Language: Korean
  • Episode Number: Episode 1
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release Date: October 14, 2023
  • Number of Seasons: Season 1



The show has some amazing actors. They bring the characters to life and make the story even better. You’ll see Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, Shin Jae-ha, Song Young-chang, Choi Jung-in, and Gil Hae-yeon in action.



If you want a sneak peek of the exciting crime drama, check out the official trailer for Evillive Season 1. It’ll get you pumped for the show.


Release Date and Schedule

Get ready for October 14, 2023, because that’s when Evillive Season 1 Episode 1 comes out. People can’t wait because the story is so good. Stay updated by following the information we’ve shared.


Episode Schedule

Evillive Season 1 has 10 episodes in total. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch the dark mysteries and supernatural things unfold. They’re releasing two episodes each week to keep you hooked on the story. This way, you’ll have time to really get into the plot and enjoy the suspense. Every episode promises to be exciting and keep you guessing.

In summary, Evillive Season 1 Episode 1 is a big deal for fans of the series. The story is amazing, the cast is great, and the show is a hit in South Korea. Make sure to mark October 14, 2023, on your calendar. It’s going to be an exciting journey with Evillive.



  1. When does Evillive Season 1 Episode 1 come out?
  2. Answer: Evillive Season 1 Episode 1 premieres on October 14, 2023.
  3. Who made the show Evillive?
  4. Answer: Evillive is directed by Kim Jung-min and Kim Seong-min, and it’s written by Seo-hee and Lee Seung-hoon.
  5. How many episodes are in Evillive Season 1?
  6. Answer: Evillive Season 1 will have a total of 10 episodes. Get ready for a thrilling ride!




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