Quest Supremacy Chapter 108 Release Date : Spoilers, Streaming, Recap, Schedule Where To Watch?

A Jaw-Dropping Twist

Chapter 108 of Quest Supremacy has left fans in awe with its unexpected plot twists. Not just one, but two of the revered “five greatest” fighters, Na Yugyeom and Gu Hajin, faced surprising defeats. Na Yugyeom emerged victorious over Kim Winwoo, while Gu Hajin triumphed against Hong Baekgi, signaling a major shift in the dynamic of the series. The young generation of fighters is now making waves, shaking up the established order.


Gu Hajin – An Intriguing Figure

Gu Hajin and Na Yugyeom’s stories are brimming with discipline and the spirit of self-learning. Gu’s compelling backstory adds depth to his character, capturing the attention of readers and pulling them deeper into his journey. As we approach Chapter 108, the limited spoilers heighten the anticipation, shrouding the release date, time, and platform in mystery. Fans can rest assured that the next chapter is on the horizon, promising more surprises.


Unveiling the Release Date and Schedule

Mark your calendars! Quest Supremacy Chapter 108 is scheduled to drop on Sunday, October 15th, 2023, Pacific Time. Following the series’ usual weekly release pattern, readers can expect the chapter to be available on the scheduled date. For those outside the Pacific Time zone, the release time will align with the established timeline.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Recent Developments in Quest Supremacy?

  • Na Yugyeom’s groundbreaking victory over Kim Winwoo and Gu Hajin’s triumph against Hong Baekgi are the recent major events. The undefeated streak of one of the “five greatest” fighters has been broken, signaling a turning point in the series.

2. What Does the Defeat of the “Five Greatest” Suggest?

  • The trend of the “five greatest” fighters being defeated indicates a transition to a new era. A younger generation of fighters is challenging the established order, echoing the successes of Na Yugyeom and Gu Hajin.

3. What Makes Gu Hajin Stand Out?

  • Gu Hajin’s character is enriched by his background, showcasing discipline and determination as a self-taught individual. His troubled past adds depth, making him a captivating character for fans eager to follow his narrative.

4. When Can We Expect Chapter 108?

  • While specific release details for Chapter 108 are yet to be announced, fans are urged to stay tuned for updates on the release date, time, and platform.

5. Recap of Previous Chapters?

  • In preceding chapters, Na Yugyeom achieved an unprecedented victory over Kim Winwoo, and Gu Hajin triumphed over Hong Baekgi, marking the first and second defeats among the “greatest five” fighters.



Quest Supremacy Chapter 108 promises a thrilling continuation of the series, with unexpected turns and a fresh narrative direction. As the younger fighters challenge the established order, fans can’t help but eagerly await the release, anticipating more surprises and captivating developments in the evolving storyline. Stay tuned for the latest updates and immerse yourself in the vibrant realm of Quest Supremacy!


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