Watch Video Of Leeseo Being Harassed At Hanlim Arts School Goes Viral On Twitter



A video shared on Twitter has caught the attention of many, showing IVE’s Leeseo facing an unsettling situation at Hanlim Arts School. This incident has ignited a debate and sparked concerns among internet users, raising questions about peer harassment and bullying. Fans are voicing their anger and demanding action from Starship Entertainment, Leeseo’s management agency. In this article, we will delve into the incident’s details and shed light on the challenges that idols like Leeseo encounter in their school lives.


The Controversial Video:

In the video, Leeseo seems to be taking a nap during her break between classes. However, her classmates wake her up and ask for her autograph on their notebooks. This footage has led to speculations that Leeseo may have been subjected to harassment by her fellow students. This situation has left fans, who know Leeseo for her generosity and kindness, disheartened about what transpired.


Outrage and Demands for Action:

On social media platforms, particularly Twitter, fans have come together to share the incident and express their concerns. They have called on Starship Entertainment to step in and protect Leeseo from any potential harm. Fans emphasize the agency’s responsibility in addressing the accusations against Leeseo and ensuring her safety and well-being at school.


Exposing the Challenges Faced by Idols:

This incident highlights the difficulties idols face while trying to balance their education with their careers. Fans, who were previously unaware of the school environment for these artists, now understand the challenges they endure from their fellow students. The video, initially shared by a classmate on an internet community, shows Leeseo signing autographs on multiple pages of notebooks.


Exploitation of Leeseo’s Compassion:

Fans are worried that Leeseo’s natural compassion and willingness to help others may be taken advantage of. Instead of focusing on her studies, she might feel pressure to fulfill these seemingly innocent requests from her classmates. This situation could cause discomfort and hinder her academic progress.

Fans Rally for Change: In response to these concerns, fans have united to call for change. They actively urge Starship Entertainment to take swift action, emphasizing the need to monitor and address the challenges Leeseo faces at school. Their primary goal is to protect Leeseo’s well-being and allow her to focus on her education without being exploited.

The video of Leeseo facing harassment at Hanlim Arts School has sparked outrage and concern among her dedicated supporters. It brings to light the significant challenges idols face as they try to balance their careers and education. Fans are strongly urging Starship Entertainment to intervene and protect Leeseo from further exploitation. Swift action from the agency is crucial to ensure their talents’ well-being and academic progress.



Q: What are fans demanding from Starship Entertainment?

A: Fans are demanding that Starship Entertainment address the issues raised by the allegations against Leeseo and ensure her well-being in the school setting.

Q: What challenges do idols face in maintaining a balance between their careers and education?

A: Idols face challenges in dealing with peer harassment and bullying, as well as the potential exploitation of their compassion and willingness to help others.

Q: How are fans rallying for change?

A: Fans are actively urging Starship Entertainment to take immediate action and monitor the issues Leeseo encounters in the school environment to protect her well-being and academic progress.




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