Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Make 3 Squares By Moving 5 Matchsticks?



Get ready for a delightful mind puzzle! It may appear a bit puzzling at first, but with some creative thoughts, you can crack it. In this brain teaser, your mission is to rearrange five matchsticks to shape three squares. Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s get into it.


The Enigma You begin with five matchsticks arranged like this:

Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Make 3 Squares by Shifting 5 Matchsticks? Your job is to move these matchsticks around, making three squares while adhering to a few straightforward rules:

  1. You can’t snap or overlap the matchsticks.
  2. All three squares must be the same size.


The Resolution

Now, let’s solve this challenge step by step:

Step 1: Start by crafting one square using two matchsticks. It should resemble this:

Step 2: To form the second square, take one matchstick from the original setup and attach it to the open end of the first square. The setup should now appear as two squares connected end to end:

Step 3: You’ve got two squares now. To shape the third square, utilize the remaining two matchsticks to create a square atop the second one:


Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Make 3 Squares by Shifting 5 Matchsticks?

And there you have it! You’ve triumphed in tackling the brain teaser challenge by fashioning three squares with just five matchsticks.


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Brain teasers such as this one serve as fantastic exercises for your problem-solving abilities and creativity. They urge you to think creatively and come up with unique answers. Thus, when you come across a perplexing puzzle next time, remember to tackle it with a clear and receptive mind. You never know what smart answer you might stumble upon.



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