Anupama 2nd October 2023: Today’s Episode Written Update



Today, we’re here with the latest scoop from the beloved TV show, Anupama. As we step into the episode, we find Kavya gazing at a welcome board for her baby shower. Anupama, sharing her thoughts, tells us that becoming a mother is a moment of immense joy and celebration. Let’s dive into the happenings of this heartwarming episode.


Kavya’s Excitement:

Kavya is bursting with excitement about the arrival of her baby, while Anupama is preparing for the upcoming delivery. They discuss all the preparations, with Kavya paying extra attention to her appearance and Vanraj’s role in the event. During the conversation, Adhik advises Dimpy to take a break from decorating, but Pakhi tells her to relax and be less critical. Anupama, however, has a different view and believes that motherhood might not be for Dimpy.


Anuj’s Concern:

Anuj, through a video call, notices the redness on Anupama’s face and asks if it’s due to anger. Anupama shares that she attended several meetings and traveled with Choti. She agrees to show her face to Anuj, keeping the connection alive.


Baa’s Blessing:

Baa expresses her desire to bless Kavya with the gold bangles she’s been holding onto. Anupama encourages Baa to wear the bangles, but Baa politely declines. Anuj emphasizes that Kavya is like a sister to Anupama, even when Malti Devi is unsure about what gift to give. Anuj dismisses Romil’s suspicion that Anupama is financially supporting the Shah family.


Baby Shower Gathering:

At the baby shower, Ankush and Romil encounter Toshu, Kinjal, Malti Devi, and other family members. Malti Devi’s curiosity is piqued when she notices some bracelets and asks what Anupama has been hiding. Anuj, holding Anupama’s hand, playfully asks her to be his partner in a game. Anupama humorously agrees.


An Emotional Moment:

Kavya captures a selfie with Anupama and asks if Vanraj will share in her joy. Everyone arrives at the baby shower, and Baa greets them all warmly. Vanraj surprises everyone by announcing the arrival of his son, Samar. Kavya assures that he will come, but she teases that Samar might return as her or Dimpy’s child. Anupama expresses her gratitude, and Kavya highlights the importance of Vanraj’s happiness to her.


Life Lessons:

Baa later informs Kavya that her belief of being an unworthy daughter-in-law was mistaken. Anupama believes that learning from one’s mistakes is the first step toward a brighter future, and Malti Devi encourages everyone to do the same.



In this touching episode of Anupama, we witnessed the excitement and joy surrounding Kavya’s baby shower. With emotional moments, blessings, and a playful atmosphere, the episode brought to light the significance of cherishing life’s precious moments and learning from our past. Stay tuned for more heartwarming updates from Anupama!



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