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The tight-knit Lakeland community is grappling with the unexpected loss of a shining star, Julia Black, a 16-year-old junior at Harrison School for the Arts. The community is mourning the passing of this talented individual, who not only excelled academically but also made a significant impact on the volleyball court. Let’s take a closer look at Julia’s life, her involvement in the community, and how we can support her grieving family.

Julia’s Vibrant Life at Harrison School

Julia Black wasn’t just a student; she was a dedicated member of the community. Apart from her academic achievements, she showcased her passion for volleyball as a proud member of the Lakeland High School varsity volleyball team. Julia’s commitment to the sport extended beyond the school grounds; since 2021, she had been actively coaching girls’ volleyball at the St. Paul Volleyball Camp, leaving an indelible mark as a mentor.

Involvement in School Activities

Beyond her athletic prowess, Julia was deeply involved in the extracurricular life at Harrison School of Arts. Holding key positions such as the vice president of the National English Honor Society and the Arts Council, Julia demonstrated leadership and commitment to her peers. Her presence resonated not only in the classroom but also in various facets of school life.

A Heartfelt Community Response

The news of Julia’s sudden passing has sent shockwaves through the community. Tributes have poured in from all corners, emphasizing her role as a mentor and leader. The St. Paul Volleyball Camp, where Julia dedicated her time coaching, paid tribute on social media, highlighting her influence on aspiring athletes. The Harrison School of Arts penned a touching tribute, underscoring the void felt by family, friends, and the community as a whole.


Celebrating Julia’s Life

As the community grapples with this profound loss, plans for Julia Black’s funeral have been arranged. The service is set to take place at St. Paul Lutheran Church on Thursday, November 2, 2023. In a touching tribute to Julia’s love for the arts, her family has initiated the Julia C. Black Memorial Fund through the GiveWell Community Foundation. This fund aims to nurture and empower young artists, ensuring that Julia’s legacy and passion for the arts endure.


Standing by the Black Family

Julia Black’s family is now facing an immense void. Survived by her parents, Jenny Rebecca and Norman Larry Black Jr, and her brother, Varn Michael Black, the family is navigating through this challenging time. The community, during this period of profound sorrow, is uniting to commemorate and celebrate Julia’s life—a gifted musician, a devoted student, and a compassionate soul.


FAQs: How You Can Contribute

Q: How can I contribute to the Julia C. Black Memorial Fund?

A: To contribute, visit the GiveWell Community Foundation’s website and follow the provided instructions.

Q: What does the Julia C. Black Memorial Fund support?

A: The fund aims to support young artists in honor of Julia’s passion for the arts, providing opportunities and resources for aspiring talents.

Q: How else can I support Julia’s family during this time?

A: Show support by sending kind condolences and offering assistance if needed. Respect their privacy and allow them the space to grieve.

As we remember Julia Black, let’s keep her family in our thoughts and prayers, offering support during this challenging time. The Lakeland community stands together, cherishing the memory of a remarkable individual who touched many lives.



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