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Athenna Crosby, a Venezuelan model and entertainment reporter, became a significant figure in the final days of the renowned American-Canadian actor and comedian, Matthew Perry. In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Athenna Crosby, exploring her background, career, and her casual meeting with Matthew Perry.

Athenna Crosby’s Early Life Athenna Crosby was born on February 25, 1998, in Venezuela. She has a diverse and versatile career in the entertainment industry, as reported by various sources. Athenna’s journey to recognition began in 2016 when she was crowned Miss Teen USA. Since then, she has taken on multiple roles, including TV host, journalist, actress, and singer.

Athenna’s Rise to Recognition In 2016, Athenna Crosby’s life took a significant turn when she was crowned Miss Teen USA. This achievement brought her into the spotlight, and she continued to make her mark in the entertainment industry. One of her notable roles is hosting the TV show Eco Company, where she shared her passion for environmental issues and sustainability.


A Casual Meeting with Matthew Perry

On October 27, 2023, the day before Matthew Perry’s tragic passing, Athenna Crosby was seen having lunch with the actor at the renowned Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. In an interview with TMZ, Athenna clarified that their lunch was a casual meeting between friends and had no romantic undertones. This statement puts to rest any speculations about a romantic connection between them. Their lunch was simply a friendly gathering, devoid of any romantic involvement.

Matthew Perry’s Profound Loss The sudden and unexpected death of Matthew Perry left fans and the entertainment industry in mourning. His role as Chandler Bing in the beloved TV series “Friends” had endeared him to millions. As the world grieves his loss, the circumstances surrounding the last woman seen with him, Athenna Crosby, have gained attention.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was Athenna Crosby romantically involved with Matthew Perry?

A: No, Athenna Crosby made it clear that their lunch date was purely a casual meeting between friends, with no romantic involvement.

Q: What are Athenna Crosby’s accomplishments?

A: Athenna Crosby’s career is multifaceted, with roles as a TV host, journalist, actress, and singer. She was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2016 and has been a host for the TV show Eco Company, where she promotes environmental awareness.

Q: How has Matthew Perry’s death impacted the entertainment industry?

A: Matthew Perry’s passing has deeply affected the entertainment industry, and his loss is mourned by people worldwide. His iconic role as Chandler Bing in “Friends” made him a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.



Athenna Crosby, a versatile talent hailing from Venezuela, played a casual but significant role in the final days of Matthew Perry. Their friendly lunch date the day before his tragic passing dispelled any romantic speculations. Athenna’s diverse career in the entertainment industry continues to thrive, and she remains an intriguing figure in the world of entertainment. Matthew Perry’s legacy lives on, and he will be remembered for his unforgettable contributions to the entertainment world.



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